High quality IT solutions

TrikThom is a Belgium-based team that creates solutions for your IT needs. From idea to prototype to a production ready product, we have the expertise.

Quickly receive professional and high-quality prototypes

At TrikThom, the customer comes first. We strive to deliver a full-fledged prototype as swiftly and thoroughly as possible.
We aim at utilizing the best currently available technologies. This way, we are able to provide the best possible service.

Your IT needs, our concern

We listen to your wishes, and strive to fulfill them to the best of our ability.
To bring a project to a successful conclusion, a customer should be as involved as possible in the development process.

We start with a prototype and evolve to a value-adding solution

Our solutions are worked out to perfection. Besides a prototype, we also provide a detailed documentation.
TrikThom applies the agile methodology for flexibility en efficient results.
The development process is divided into one or two week sprints, this way we can easily adapt to requested changes.

A solution for everyone

Personal project
Are you an individual looking for an IT solution for your personal project?
We can develop your project starting from four weeks.
Business prototype
Are you in need of an IT solution or prototype for your business?
After an initial meeting, we are able to quickly prototype to validate your business needs.
Enterprise product
We can serve as an in-house development team, or help accelerate the performance of an existing team.
Coming soon


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