Custom Web Application development

We create full-stack web applications, from a beautifully designed frontend all the way to a robust backend that will support all your needs.

Fully customized web application

We develop web applications completely from scratch. No standard themes, no templates. This is what gives each web application its unique and authentic style.

Single Page Application
Fluid and responsive web apps, without constant page reloads.
Modern JS framework
We use Nuxt.js as an open source framework, this is what makes our web applications modular and powerful.
Custom component library
Component libraries provide building blocks for productive user interface development.

With a touch of color, anything looks better

Mockups let you experience the website even before any code is involved. By testing, evaluating and improving until we achieve the design you like, we are able to work out your needs perfectly.

Repeatable design patterns
This brings clarity and consistency to what things should look like.
No prefabricated templates
We only use self-developed CSS, making every website unique.
Responsive design
No matter what you need, we make sure that your web app adapts to every screen.

Every great web app needs a robust backend

How your application feels and looks is important, but a fast, stable and high-quality backend or api is just as important.

Most popular languages
Golang, JavaScript, C++, Java or Python, the efficiency of the backend depends heavily on the programming language. We select the right language for your application.
Docker containers
We package your application in a Docker container, enabling your application to quickly and reliably run in any computing environment.

Your journey, from start to finish

Exploratory meeting
During this meeting, we identify your needs by listen to you. What is the main goal of your project? How do you envision the design of your project?
You will receive a quote within 7 days which will include the estimated duration and cost of the project. It will also include the timeline and deadlines.
Onboarding bundle
You will receive an onboarding bundle, this will guide our collaboration from start to finish.
Because of our agile work approach, there are frequent touch points where the client can provide feedback.
Finished product
Upon delivery, you will receive not only the finished product, but also a comprehensive documentation and technical background of your product.

Included services

After-Sales Support
One month of support upon delivery of the project.
Please contact your TrikThom project coordinator for more information.
Each project is accompanied by detailed documentation to ensure that everything is understandable, even for those with a less technical background.
Source files
The finished product is entirely yours. Upon delivery of the project you receive all source files.
Personalised workflows
We choose the most suitable technologies and methodology for your project.